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Services for Credit Unions

Silverman Theologou LLP excels in providing high-quality, cost-effective legal services in collections, bankruptcy, and real estate foreclosure specifically tailored for credit union clients. We recognize the importance of credit union members to our clients and are dedicated to maintaining an exceptionally high level of service while nurturing professional and respectful relationships with them. Our firm’s deep understanding of the credit union industry and practices, combined with our membership in The National Creditors Bar Association (NCBA) and adherence to its Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics, ensures fairness and integrity in all proceedings.

The Silverman Theologou Difference

Not all firms are created equal. We distinguish ourselves through a unique blend of services and approaches in the legal industry. Here are a few key factors that set us apart:

  • A member-friendly approach to handling of collections, bankruptcy, and foreclosure accounts.
  • Comprehensive understanding of National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) policies, federal and state laws relevant to collection, bankruptcy and real estate foreclosure.
  • Effective collection procedures and policies that minimize losses and decrease delinquencies.
  • Teams of dedicated attorneys, paralegals, and collection experts are assigned to each account, providing transparency and consistency in account management.
  • Skilled attorneys, paralegals and collection professionals who think “outside the box” to address and resolve account issues swiftly.
  • Personalized service, including accessibility to attorneys regarding legal advice particular to the needs of credit unions.
  • Continuous support from file initiation to post-judgment actions, ensuring guidance at every stage of the collection process.
  • Where other firms leave off, our dedicated post-judgment department discovers judgment debtor assets to enhance the overall collection process.
  • Commitment to rapid response to inquiries, with same-day or next-day follow-up from our legal and collections team.
  • Detailed month-end status reports outlining the opening balances, current balances, last actions taken and complete histories of the accounts.

Real-Time Account Status Information

Silverman Theologou provides clients with an advanced Web Remote Viewing (WRV) feature through our CollectMax™ database, offering secure, real-time access to account statuses. This technology lets clients view account information securely from any location using a standard web browser, with all data encrypted for maximum security. Access requires login credentials, ensuring that debtor and client information remains protected. Additionally, clients can directly communicate with our team for inquiries or updates on individual accounts via email.

Secure Electronic Account Information and Referrals

Our IT team collaborates with credit union IT staff to deliver secure, real-time updates on collection activities compatible with various systems, including Symitar and FiTech. Silverman Theologou supports multiple secure methods for account referrals and updates, ensuring seamless integration with your existing processes through our web portal, email, fax or direct submission.

Silverman Theologou Fee Structure

Silverman Theologou offers a wide variety of fees-for-service tailored to meet client needs, including contingency fees for high-volume collections, competitive hourly rates starting at $200, and monthly flat rates for collections beginning at $2,500. Although many clients begin with the traditional contingency fees or hourly rates, they quickly shift to our monthly flat fee. This flat fee structure facilitates easier budgeting and can result in significant cost savings of the total amount collected. Our fees align with the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac schedule for bankruptcy and real estate foreclosure services but are set below current rates, offering additional value. Whatever your choose, our team is committed to discussing and identifying the fee structure that best aligns with your credit union’s requirements.

Consumer and Commercial Collections

Our experienced team is committed to assisting credit unions in managing member accounts, recovering past-due amounts, and reclaiming bad debt. With 40+ years of expertise in both consumer and commercial collections, we offer more efficient account recovery at lower costs compared to traditional collection agencies or law firms. Our proactive approach not only aids in retaining members but also ensures a higher rate of return and exceptional value due to our superior recovery rates and competitive fee structure.

Real Estate and Foreclosure Referral Service

Silverman Theologou LLP, committed to delivering comprehensive legal services, refers all real estate and foreclosure cases to Diana Theologou, Esq., our former Associate now serving as Of Counsel and Managing Attorney of the Mid-Atlantic office at McMichael Taylor Gray, LLC. With over two decades of experience, Ms. Theologou specializes in recovering real property assets for investors and lenders in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Her expertise encompasses the entire foreclosure process, including loss mitigation, mediation, creditor’s rights litigation, post-foreclosure evictions and REO sales. For inquiries or referrals, Ms. Theologou is available via email at

Bankruptcy – Creditor’s Rights

Silverman Theologou represents creditors in all facets of bankruptcy proceedings under Chapters 7, 11, and 13, providing services such as motions for relief from automatic stay, negotiating cash collateral agreements, facilitating asset sales, and engaging in litigation related to preferences, discharge objections and plan confirmations. Our expertise extends to workouts, non-bankruptcy liquidations, receiverships, asset protection through injunctions and rights litigation, ensuring comprehensive support for secured and unsecured creditors.

Need More Information

For additional information about Silverman Theologou’s services or fee schedules, please contact Silvia Cruz at (301) 468-4990.

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